Why Vital Conversations?

The Vital Conversations Workshop

96% of 6,000 leaders who attended this workshop rated it as very good or exceptional (67% said exceptional)

Vital Conversations takes a fundamentally different approach by changing a leader’s mindset and attitude to those vital and sometimes difficult conversations. Our team of world class facilitators have over 70 years’ experience in conflict resolution and have coached hundreds of leaders and managers around their most challenging conversations.

The workshop offers a unique self coaching process, allowing the participant to use the learning time and time again back in the job.

Although the workshop has a significant focus on handling difficult conversations, delegates soon realise that the mindset and behaviours learned can be used in every human interaction to build relationships and facilitate effective dialogue.

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Senior Leadership Team Workshop

Is your leadership team an SLT or an SUT

We have observed and developed approx. 18 senior leadership teams (SLT) and often in the observation phase most have presented with behaviours that portray a Senior Update Team (SUT). An SUT describes team meetings were surface level conversations and updating on targets and milestones are the norm.  Often senior teams don't have the confidence and skill to address thorny issues, leaving dangerous holes in the strategic plan and a lack of challenge around why certain aspects of the plan are delayed or failing.

Optimus OD have a specific Vital Conversations programme for senior teams. Working on live operational and strategic issues, team members begin to build their confidence to engage in more important and sometimes sensitive conversations. By working on real challenges, unhealthy team dynamics are surfaced and processed with the support of one of our skilled facilitators. This workshop offers transformational change in how the team communicates, collaborates and gets things done.

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1 to 1 Vital Conversation coaching

Sometimes a senior leader either needs to have a vital conversation and may wish to be coached around the preparation or  in how they will handle certain aspects of the conversation. There may also be times when a CEO or senior director is either conflict averse or at the other end of the spectrum leaves a wake of strained relationships behind them.

OptimusOD have three executive coaches with 17 plus years of experience in supporting leaders around developing their difficult conversations capability including Alec Grimsley the author of Vital Conversations.

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Mediation & Conflict Resolution

There may be times when its crucial to metaphorically press the relationship reset button. OptimusOD have an outstanding track record in repairing and rebuilding relationships in the following situations:

  • Conflicts between senior leaders or key employees
  • Disputes and strained relationships between family members in family businesses
  • Relationship breakdowns within a team and  between teams or functions
  • Resolving conflicts and strained relationships with key customers or suppliers

We have some of the most experienced mediators and facilitators in the UK and their experience is combined with our unique frameworks and intellectual property to find fast, respectful and sustainable ways of not just repairing but rebuilding the relationship.


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