We are not machines...

So why do we think that we are?  An extensive research study by the centre for creative leadership found that professionals, managers and executives (PME’s) were interacting with their phones 13.5 hours a day during the working week. PME’s are now moving from meeting to meeting, barely able to keep up with a mountain of email, there is little time for reflection and actual leadership or creative reflection. Add to this the internal conflicts of the guilt of not supporting their direct reports or limited time with family and friends and you have a recipe for at the very least a PME who is increasingly unproductive and at the other end someone who is close to burn out.

Humans are not machines, they work best incorporating a blend of periods of intense focus interspersed with breaks for reflection and recuperation. Frazzled  PME’s make bad decisions, lead poorly, and disengage the workforce.

In short, we need to find a different way of working

The Workshop

The Resilient Mind ™ Uses an overarching metaphor that each of us has an internal battery that fuels our ability to perform at our best and connect well with others. Delegates explore 3 foundational pillars of resilience and as the workshop progresses they learn not only how to increase their resilience day to day but how to build their resilience capacity, essentially growing a bigger and more efficient battery!

We reflect upon the most up to date theories and then, through group work, small group exercises or personal reflection delegates transfer this learning into increased self awareness and a practical resilience plan. The workshop covers all aspects of human resilience including how we fuel and look after our physical selves, however we place greatest emphasis on mindset as this drives how we take care of the many aspects of resilience including our pyhsical bodies, our relationships,our sense of purpose our mental wellbeing and others.

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