Enhanced delivery of organisational projects

by Gillian Campbell

12 Aug, 2016 at 2:41 pm

Many key organisational projects and transformation initiatives can get bogged down with all manner of people related issues including politics, internal resistance and conflicting objectives. Leaders and key stakeholders quite rightly are keen to crack on with the design of a new finance system and will often default to developing new structures and processes. However they fail to recognise if the underlying prevailing mindset of those who will work in the new structure or initiative needs to change. Using Arbinger's unique IP and 16 years of experience in facilitating key stakeholder meetings we have a proven, fast and robust approach to dismantling silo’s, historic baggage, self-interest and blame. Having removed the impediments to cooperative working, we will support the key stakeholder’s efforts to build aligned outcomes and ways of working that accelerate the projects success.