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30 Jan, 2020 at 8:25 am

Optimus Executive Coach - Gillian Campbell

In the capacity of a coach Gillian Campbell specialises in addressing the inner and outer world of senior leaders and the inner and outer world of the groups of which they are a part. Her focus is supporting clients though times of; change, development, and conflict; combining leadership awareness, development and consciousness within increasing business complexity essential to a shift in mindset and long-term behaviour. At the core of this work is physiological safety and the whole person, or integral dynamic (Leadership Circle). Gillian through her International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation utilises Integral Leadership Coaching, The Leadership Circle Profiling, Arbinger, Outward Mindset, Vital Conversations, Resilience and Mindfulness frameworks within her approach. Gillian has substantive experience creating peer assessed and quantifiable change in professionals at C Suite Level.

Why have mindset coaching?

Senior Leaders as human beings are required to grow systemically with the level of relational complexity that an organization operates within as their influence increases. The changes required of them are no longer just ‘having the answer, being the expert, motivate, task, result,’ based, they are being asked to manage their own internal reality; their cognitive, psychological and conscious development, their mindset. One way of thinking of this is that each human being has an operating system, their life has led them to a default ‘way of being’, however business complexity and human dynamics today need an upgraded operating system, one equipped for the complex ask of current business performance. This shift in operating system at times can sit at odds to the way these leaders achieved the level of success they have achieved so far. The internal fear and status driven unconscious expectations can create a place of overwhelm or ‘no longer being good enough’ which can impact on psychological safety and one’s sense of self. The outward mindset coaching is a mirror to re-discover self behind the fear and acknowledge with humility and peace what we are as a leader and what we are not, and how to lead with an awareness of this.

An explanation of Arbinger Outward Mindset coaching:

Arbinger is based on a unique IP and approach that helps people to see in a different way - to see problems differently, conflicts differently, challenges differently, opportunities differently, each other differently. Until someone begins to see differently old problems remain and opportunities are missed.


A comparison of traditional executive coaching with Arbinger Outward Mindset coaching

Traditional Coaching I need to discover the gap between where I am and where I want me to be and then fill the gap. Arbinger coaching Arbinger coaching also discovers and fills the gap.  Where it differs is; the client is coached to see where they may be self deceived about their behaviours and therefore their reality gap. It also allows them to discover why they have not bridged their gap already or why they self sabotage attempts to do so. It allows insight into the self deceptions we are unable to see. Traditional coaching The objective is; what do I want to achieve for me from my coaching time? Arbinger coaching The objective is; Standing in the shoes of  those around me; my organisation, a new organisation, my customers, my direct reports, my peers and other people in my key relationships want me to achieve from my coaching time and how does relate to the way I currently work?  

Vital Conversations Coaching

Vital Conversations coaching and mentoring takes a proven mindset for effective communication and influencing. Usually in this area of development, the coach is also a mentor giving some input and learning around how to be a more effective influencer. Typically, the coaching and mentoring work we do around this include:
  • Greater awareness of your communication style and habits
  • Understanding the relationship dynamic and how to work with that
  • Identify and prepare for difficult conversations
  • Manage emotions when talking about the things you care about.
  • Work and be ok with other people’s strong emotions.
  • Concisely and clearly convey what’s important for you
  • Maintain a safe and respectful dialogue
  • Create a collaborative approach to problem solving

Testimonials on Gills coaching:

"I have been privileged to work with Gillian 1-1 on exploring and resetting my mindset and get “out of the box!” She is knowledgeable, kind, diplomatic and funny while retaining the ability to tell me firmly when I am talking nonsense. In spite of initial trepidation I have found the experience nothing short of life changing and recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their relationships whether at work, socially or at home".