Arbinger solution in detail

by Gillian Campbell

12 Aug, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Arbinger’s training programs enable participants to uncover the root cause of the inward mindset and explore the implications and impact of this mindset in their work. The training experience then equips participants to develop an outward mindset and begin, with practical strategies and tools, to implement an outward mindset approach in their work. Specifically, we help individuals, teams, and organisations to change from an Inward Mindset to an Outward Mindset. We then provide the tools necessary to institute strategies and behavioural patterns that reinforce this change. We do this at the individual, team, and enterprise levels. The result is a dramatic and sustained improvement in the key success indicators of our client organisations—in their levels of collaboration, employee engagement, accountability, revenue growth, market share, and profitability.