Arbinger Executive Coaching

by Gillian Campbell

5 Jan, 2017 at 10:34 am

The Outward Mindset in leaders

Specific 1 to 1 Arbinger coaching  allows leaders to honestly assess day to day, the extent to which they are leading with an Outward Mindset. The coach will respectfully  challenge the leaders to identify where an inward mindset is creating strained relationships, competing objectives and resistance from other parts of the organisation or even within those they directly lead. Arbinger coaching has also been used with those key individuals who are talented and potentially crucial to the organisations success, yet their brilliance comes at a price. They either don't care about their negative impact on others or have little awareness of their impact. Using 1 to 1 Arbinger coaching Optimus have a fantastic track record in helping these talented individuals see their impact, and in most cases significantly change behaviour and improve their relationships with others.