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How blind leaders create problem teams

How often do we feel disappointed in others’ performance or behaviour? As leaders, it’s our responsibility to take action to mend unproductive results and relationships. With Arbinger I’ve learned to ask myself two questions when I find myself thinking like this. “Am I curiously looking for and hearing the other person’s opinion with the intention of understanding?” “How am I making this situation worse for them?” When I led my first team on a project, I had big expectations. Inmy mid my team was the …read more »

Do You Assume Too Much?

Do you test assumptions?  If you assume something, you may be taking for granted that it is true without checking in with the other person. How do you know if you are making an assumption? How do you know whether someone is making assumptions about you? It’s easy to clarify and confirm your assumptions with the other person but only if you first notice that one has been made. Do you infer meaning to others’ words or actions without questioning?  If you infer something you …read more »

Missing the Moon

According to space expert Dave Woods, if you were to aim a rocket at the moon but your aim was 1 degree off, you would find your spacecraft missing its lunar target by 1,978 miles, a pretty big miss by anyone’s standards. It’s a similar story when you procrastinate over a key conversation: it can be a significant factor in determining the ultimate destination of a business project, relationship or key life goal.   This genre of conversation is like a fork in the road. …read more »