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What is Arbinger?

Lasting change requires a shift in mindset.

Arbinger changes leadership and employee mindset.

Imagine what would happen in your organisation if every person was invested in the success of everyone around them?

  • What would happen to silos?
  • What would happen to culture?
  • What would happen to performance?
  • What would happen to results?

Arbinger books have sold over 2 million copies and 300 organisations globally have chosen Arbinger for leadership development and mindset change initiatives. Arbinger has 23 offices around the world.


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Arbinger Core Workshop: Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset

A seminal workshop that explores the transformational difference between having an inward or outward mindset. Your leaders, managers and employees will examine the implications this has, both in terms of how mindset impacts on relationships, teamwork, customers and the overall results the organisation must achieve.

Frameworks and self awareness tools are shared throughout and then applied to improving key work relationships and teamwork and collaboration on key projects or outcomes

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Building an in-house Arbinger capacity

5 Day Facilitator Certification Program

For those organisations who wish to build their own internal mindset facilitator capacity. This 5 day intensive programme equips participants with a deep understanding of the core Arbinger frameworks and their implication and application for enhanced leadership and organisational performance.

Those choosing to attend are carefully prepared prior to the programme and then skilfully  trained and coached to feel confident in facilitating Arbinger workshops back in their workplace.

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Bespoke Arbinger Interventions

By blending Arbinger's unique IP with OptimusOD's proven track record in building or re-building relationships, our clients have invited us to solve a range of issues and opportunities.

These include: enhancing cross functional collaboration, developing high performing senior teams, resolving conflict, leadership development programmes, enhancing or changing the existing culture.

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Arbinger Executive Coaching

The Outward Mindset in leaders

Specific 1 to 1 Arbinger coaching  allows leaders to honestly assess day to day, the extent to which they are leading with an Outward Mindset. The coach will respectfully  challenge the leaders to identify where an inward mindset is creating strained relationships, competing objectives and resistance from other parts of the organisation or even within those they directly lead.

Arbinger coaching has also been used with those key individuals who are talented and potentially crucial to the organisations success, yet their brilliance comes at a price. They either don't care about their negative impact on others or have little awareness of their impact. Using 1 to 1 Arbinger coaching Optimus have a fantastic track record in helping these talented individuals see their impact, and in most cases significantly change behaviour and improve their relationships with others.

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