We believe...

  • Your greatest asset is NOT your people; your greatest asset is the relationships between your people

  • Every goal your organisation is attempting to achieve will be made more possible by improving relationships

  • We have the track record, expertise and intellectual¬†property to develop your people's ability to improve relationships and therefore improve results in every part of your organisation


What we do

We are a UK based consultancy founded by Alec Grimsley the bestselling author of Vital Conversations. We support our clients to achieve their goals by encouraging and developing their people to place relationship and collaboration at the heart of everything they do. By using a world leading mindset change tool (Arbinger)  we enable clients to solve previously unsolvable issues and opportunities by changing the way people think and relate to each other. We encourage and support senior leadership teams to place "Relationship and Collaboration" at the heart of their strategy for success.

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We Bring

  • 70 years of expertise in developing human relationships and mindset change
  • Unique intellectual property in the areas of:

    • Mindset Change
    • Leadership development
    • Relationship building & collaboration
    • Conflict resolution
    • Personal resilience

(OptimusOD is the exclusive license holder for Arbinger who's books have sold more than 2 million copies and 300 organisations have chosen to use Arbinger for leadership development and mindset change)