What is the Outward Mindset?

by Gillian Campbell

12 Nov, 2020 at 5:06 pm

In a nutshell.

Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself or achieve a personal goal?

My guess is you set a goal, changed your behaviours and habits, and moved toward the change…

I hear you, tried that, done it, nothing new. Stay with me! Often when we create a change at a behavioural level we can get started or even get close to goal and realise that we have fallen off track, we lose momentum or willpower and we revert to old habits. Maybe we got to the goal, but not felt how we hoped we would. 

This disconnection comes down to our mindset, the way we see. Because it is how we see ourselves, our relationships, our work, our bodies that ultimately drives our level of connection to new behaviour despite how SMART our goal or determined our beliefs can be.

Why is that worth looking into? Well our mindset has been created by our life’s journey, our lived experiences, and our views of life. Basically, it has been with you all of your life. What we teach at The Arbinger Institute is a way to examine your mindset and shift it in some simple strategic ways to increase your chances or achieving your goals whilst dramatically improving your influence and relationships. We have a website full of individuals and organisations sharing how they have been able to do just that.

A typical example: Imagine you want to lose weight; you stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise more and for a good period of time it creates change. But then the change slows or peters off, maybe you have carried the weight for a long time, your identity is tied into it. Maybe you sustain an injury, or a challenge appears in your life and food is your comfort, your support system. Suddenly a disconnect is happening between your behavioural goal and the way you see yourself and others. You start to disconnect from the new goal you have set and start to revert to old patterns of behaviour. Your mindset may see; “It’s too much of a sacrifice, its genetic to be overweight, I’m under a great deal of stress right now, I need the energy for my life…I’ll try again later.”

It is the same for a business, a team, or a leader. How often have you seen a change programme brought in only for people to disengage completely or start off strong and then revert back to their old ways of working, or at least the old attitudes. For example you might have people who initially do all the right behaviours  to achieve collaboration, agility, authenticity, but if in their mindset, the way they see themselves, their role, their team and others comes from a background of  competing, survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, that mindset will take back control of people’s behaviours and choices.

The Outward Mindset work is a set of in-escapable real, incredibly logical tools that let everyone see their deeper mindset view space. It is not invasive, it is not deep root canal introspective navel gazing its simple human nature examined within a logical, simple framework of psychological safe models that just show us a new view. It gives us a roadmap and all the tools you need to create change from the inside that lasts.

Do not take it from me. This is a Global shift in mindset. This work changes lives, communities, organisations, teams and people. Sign up for a taster of our Netflix documentary style online training programme or our webinar and hear from the 100s of leaders, businesses and individuals who have seen and experienced this change.