Polarity, division, anger, and pain…

by Gillian Campbell

12 Nov, 2020 at 5:07 pm

There are so many examples in our lives right now of where there is division, polarity, anger and pain about other’s views, choices, actions, and thoughts. Where one person, group, political party, economist, scientist, Dr, or team believe they are right and that others are wrong. The divide seems impenetrable.

If we stop for a moment look at the division, I believe 9 times out of 10 this division is caused by fear.

Anger from division, is an emotion where we blame someone else or something else for what is happening to us. It strips and drains our sense of responsibility, choice, and accountability, that creates a sense of powerlessness, something we all innately fear.

We all fundamentally want the world to feel safe, known, certain for us and those we love, we all want to protect ourselves. We do not notice that from our world view we also create rules, binary right or wrongs, things that are ok or not. We also don’t consciously feel ‘unsafe’ but our control patterns mean through our lifetimes we build a series of rules or ‘must haves’ to make our world become safe and we become afraid of people who might make the world ‘unsafe’ or different.

What we can’t see from this view is that the ‘other side’ want the world to be ‘safe’ too, yes their version of safe, maybe not the right one for humanity or society in our view, bur still it’s the same goal as us- a shared goal!

In our need to keep our safe and stop theirs and their potential call to do the same what do we get? More anger, blame, division and fear and a sense of having lost any choice, power, or responsibility…the very opposite of what we are trying to achieve. In fact, in time proving them wrong can become more powerful than any of us being happy or creating what we feel is right for us, humanity or society.

The Outward Mindset asks us to step back and see our fear, see our self-deception and rules see how we feel that our justification for objectifying and creating enemies of others is valid as we are trying to ‘save the world’. It asks us to see the people around us and together look outside of our world view to start to see an unlimited series of options and goals that we can find together as people.

Whenever we see any situation boiling down to right and wrong unless it is a binary problem, we are restricting our ability to see the countless opportunities to create collaboration, healing relationships and an abundant series of choices within the complexity of all wanting and aiming for peace. If we can turn outward and start to see the shared needs, goals and opportunities that mean we can see different ways, all our needs can be considered. Most importantly we can stop needing to feel ‘safe’ as we realise, we are creating more of the danger in ourselves by not standing in our own choices and responsibilities. Why does this change anything?

Because we always have the power to choose how we see the world. We may feel powerless but to see that other's actions are their need to find safe we can respond, yes have different views YES ACT! But from peace not fear! That is the antidote to division, polarity, fear, and pain. That, we each, can do!