Polarity, division, anger, and pain…

There are so many examples in our lives right now of where there is division, polarity, anger and pain about other’s views, choices, actions, and thoughts. Where one person, group, political party, economist, scientist, Dr, or team believe they are right and that others are wrong. The divide seems impenetrable. If we stop for a moment look at the division, I believe 9 times out of 10 this division is caused by fear. Anger from division, is an emotion where we blame someone else or …read more »

What is the Outward Mindset?

In a nutshell. Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself or achieve a personal goal? My guess is you set a goal, changed your behaviours and habits, and moved toward the change… I hear you, tried that, done it, nothing new. Stay with me! Often when we create a change at a behavioural level we can get started or even get close to goal and realise that we have fallen off track, we lose momentum or willpower and we revert to old habits. …read more »