Turn the World Outward

by Gillian Campbell

3 Jul, 2019 at 2:10 pm

What an inspirational Arbinger 2019 Summit!  A week of ideas and discussion, learning and passion, a collective of people from so many different walks of life coming together in their hope for a more outward mindset in the world.  We witnessed moments of pure brilliance and heart soaring awe. There were speakers from a Cyberspace operations squadron, a Professor of surgery, Chief of staff at Washington State alongside the passion and commitment of the winners of the Turn the World Outward awards,  senior leaders, facilitators, people, all who aim to see people as people in even the most challenging of circumstances.

I had the honour to open a discussion of Outward coaching in the face of complexity and agility, looking at perceived fear and its impact on mindset and culture.  There were questions, and thoughts and discussions that created so much new thought and passion and a new agenda for change through mindset coaching.

And, do you know what?  The week has given me hope!  A sense of excitement and optimism, courage and faith.  At a time in humanity‚Äôs journey when so much seems to be out of focus and complex, there is a force of change, of peace, of love that is not driven by a need for self or personal gain, it is about seeing life through seeing others. Right now, the force of # Turn the world outward feels like a new start. Watch this space !