Do You Assume Too Much?

by admin

1 Feb, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Do you test assumptions?  If you assume something, you may be taking for granted that it is true without checking in with the other person. How do you know if you are making an assumption? How do you know whether someone is making assumptions about you? It’s easy to clarify and confirm your assumptions with the other person but only if you first notice that one has been made. Do you infer meaning to others’ words or actions without questioning?  If you infer something you draw a conclusion about something you don’t know by drawing on knowledge of what you do know. Are you able to see that you may have assigned meaning to someone else’s communication either written or spoken, without clarifying their reasoning and intent? Part of the mindset of Vital Conversations is catching yourself applying your own thinking, experience or potential bias to the conclusions you draw from the data others give you. Are you needing to have a conversation with someone where you can see that you have made assumptions or drawn inferences? Download our  conversation planning tool, challenge your own thinking; see things for what they are by challenging your story about the situation and the person.  Get back to the core data or if you prefer the non-emotional reality of what needs to be addressed and plan for the conversation. Then embark on the conversation and lead yourself again by utilising 2nd generation mindset staying curious about possible assumptions and inferences. If during the conversation or email exchange your “assumption antennae” twitch, then there is a reason – pause – take a breath, try to step one rung down your ladder – and then ask a question.  “I’m wondering if either of us might be making assumptions here – can I check this with you?” Nigel Singer Mediator