Workshop events

One Day Arbinger Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset Workshop
13 May 2019 at The Salterns Marina, Poole £245+VAT


Do your leaders need to think and influence differently to drive collaboration, alignment and accountability?

Most leadership workshops focus on changing behaviour. This workshop is based on changing and developing leadership mindset. To really change behaviour, a leader needs a change in mindset. This is a programme that even experienced leaders have not seen before. The Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop enables each leader or employee to examine their current mindset and default patterns around their impact, influence and willingness to support and collaborate with others.


  • It stops leaders in their tracks and asks them to pause, look at their impact and the effect of their interactions with others on results, relationships and aligned thinking and outcomes
  • It uniquely calls them to a deeper level of awareness and accountability than any behavioural workshop or programme in the UK at the moment
  • It is an irrefutable, logical journey of how even the most self-aware may miss the perception of their impact
  • Its successfully used by teams who need to work together in complex, stressful projects or big ticket change initiatives
  • It provides a pathway for individuals or teams in conflict who need a safe logical plan to move back into alignment and positive relationships
  • It builds a foundation, a common language of self accountability, responsiveness and collaboration that helps to support and embed the organisations key values and purpose


During this inspiring 1 day workshop explore the ground breaking approach of the Arbinger Institute including how leaders and managers can:

  • Develop and implement an outward mindset for themselves and their team.
  • Influence across teams and functional boundaries
  • Break down silos and blame
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Rapidly turn around a conflict or failing team
  • Enhance collaboration on key projects
  • Invite self accountability from those they lead
  • Build engagement and trust

Successful businesses need great collaboration and relationships – both to perform internally and to foster better relationships with customers. The Arbinger approach fits brilliantly with the Virgin way of doing business”.
Elisa Nardi
Group HR Director, Virgin Media

The facilitator for this workshop will be Gillian Campbell. Gillian brings over twenty five years of front line leadership experience in both the public and private sector to the Faculty of Leadership and Coaching at Arbinger UK with whom she supports organisations to succeed through the development of their people and the relationships between their people, by creating a mindset change.