Workshop events


Vital Conversations (Open workshop, 4th May 2017, The Shard, London)

Alec Grimsley the bestselling author of Vital Conversations will be facilitating a one day workshop at the Shard on 4th May.

Over 7,000 leaders, managers and professionals have attended the Vital Conversations workshop from 31 different organisations – 96% rated the workshop as exceptional or very good (67% said exceptional).

The cost of the workshop is £495 plus VAT.

This day will not only enhance your ability to have difficult conversations, it offers a shift in mindset and skills that will transform your ability to influence and build relationships.

Come and join Alec for a brilliant day. He only runs these twice a year and there are just 16 places due to room availability at The Shard.



Arbinger: Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset (Open workshop July 3rd & 4th), London

Arbinger Open Workshop July 3/4th 2017  Developing an Outward Mindset Workshop

Come and attend the latest version of Arbinger seminal workshop on mindset and its application to leadership, organisational change and delivering better results.

Alec Grimsley, your lead facilitator has been using Arbinger’s models and frameworks with 12 senior executive teams and over 1500 leaders and managers have transformed their ability to build relationships, break down silo’s and enhance collaboration both with their teams and across functional boundaries.

The workshop is super practical and you will be invited to apply Arbinger unique tools and frameworks to your key relationships and biggest challenges.



Arbinger TTT: Building an internal Arbinger facilitator capacity (Open workshop 5-7th July), Venue TBA

Over 70 organisations and businesses globally have chosen to have their own internal trainers and leaders learn how to facilitate Arbingers models, tools and frameworks. 

There are many benefits of taking this route including:

  • The cost of running the workshop is 70% less than using external facilitators
  • Your people understand your organisation better than any external consultant
  • Flexibility in delivering workshops

There are now over 400 internal facilitators helping their organisations to transform leadership, key projects and organisational outcomes